All around the world non Turkish people are marrying Turkish people and its a wonderful thing to know there are other people that can actually put up with us.

Here are 10 things people should know before dating a Turk, just so you know what you are getting into.

1 – We have two settings: loud and louder. Buy ear plugs.


2 – If you do something wrong, be prepared to hear about it for the rest of your life. Turks never forget.

3 – Be prepared to meet on average 1 new cousin per week. (for a small family)

4 – If the sun is shining and it’s Sunday – know we are having kebab at someone’s house, so don’t make plans.

5 – For Turkish girls – don’t piss me off, I have a Turkish dad!

Turkish Dad

6 – For Turkish boys – don’t piss me off I have a Turkish mum!

Turkish Mum

7- When family tell me I’ve put on weight, please don’t defend me, it’s their way of saying I look well.

8 – Just know we will be invited to an average of around 15 weddings a year.

Turkish Wedding

9 – If you say you are full, you will be given more food. If you say you’re not hungry you will be given more food. Resistance is futile.

10 – Be prepared when we are speaking Turkish our hands will seem like we are simultaneously doing sign language.

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Turkish Isms

I've been Turkish for as long as I can remember so wanted to share my journey of comical memes, videos, and observations I have made through my journey from a young Turkish boy getting his privates snipped, all the way to a grown man getting dayak from his nene.