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6 Ways You Know You’re In A Turkish House

They say home is where the heart is, and a Turkish home is no exception. It is the heart of every Turkish family and so I thought I would put together  selection of ways you can tell if you are in a Turkish house….

1. Shoes by the front door
One of the most obvious things to look out for are the hundreds of pairs of shoes left by the front door. No you are not entering a shoe shop – just an average Turkish home. If you are feeling dangerous try leaving them on and see the look in a Turkish mums eyes – you won’t make it past the passage.
shoes_before_entering_Turkish House

2. Separate untouched living room
It’s compulsory that every Turkish house has a separate living room which that is saved for special occasions. Namely when someone comes to ask for their daughters hand in marriage, and for when visitors come from the motherland and you want to show off how well off you are. Look out for one of these and make sure you never sit in there unless invited.

3. Aroma of food
You know you are in a Turkish home just by using your sense of smell. Every Turkish home will always smell of food being cooked. That is because food is ALWAYS being cooked in a Turkish home. You’ll find dinner is prepared at Breakfast, and breakfast is discussed at the dinner table. Not to mention the 74 meals Turks have in between.

4. It always sounds like an argument is going on
If you know us Turks you know that we talk a lot and we like to talk loud. When entering a Turkish home you may feel like you are walking into a war zone, but in fact it’s just the family talking about what happened in last night’s Dizi!

5. 80% of the people in the house don’t actually live there.
A Turkish home is an open door for family and most of the time the house will be filled with people that don’t actually live there. They just come round EVERYDAY for kahve, and to use your Turkish TV as they can’t get Cine 5 in their house.

An average Turkish living room on a Monday
An average Turkish living room on a Monday
6. A gigantic satellite dish on the house
An easy one to spot, but you can always tell a Turkish house from the size of the satellite dish outside. It’s usually big enough to establish contact with Mars.
Turkish Satellite Dish
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