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7 Songs You Need At A Turkish Wedding

There is a pattern with Turkish weddings where you can almost pin point the songs that bands pull out when they feel the crowd are thinning out. (Usually it’s because food it being served)

As you know at Turkish weddings you don’t need much to get people dancing, but here are 7 tracks you will always hear at a Turkish wedding when the dance floor needs filling.

WARNING: Reading this post could cause your hips to begin and you may feel the urge to start throwing dollars in the air.

1 – ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’
Always a winner to get people moving. Although it’s not a Turkish song expect the band to replace the word ‘Hot’ to “sicak, sicak, sicak”.

2 – Dilirga
A North Cyprus special for any wedding. It pleases all ages as everyone knows the works. A song that has been around for years is aways guaranteed to get people shaking their gots.

3 – Tarkan – Simark
Here’s one every band needs. This track is saved when they want to get the non Turkish people up but are unsure how.

This is always the one track the non Turkish people will somehow be familiar with. Either thanks to Holly Valance or from that one holiday they took to Bodrum in 2002. 

4 – Hadi Hadi Hadi
So good they say the chorus 3 times, Its a proper sing a long song. The older Turks will be familiar with the Fatih Ürek version, whereas the younger Turks will be more familiar with the Ibrahim Tatlises version.

Wait for the ‘hadi’ bit and hear the room erupt as everyone sings along.


5 – Fersupanallah
Throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care to this one.
Expect to see your baba and his cousins dancing like they are in their 20s. Expect white hankys being thrown around and lots of men dancing together.


6 – Ciftetellisi
There are almost a million different versions, but being a Kibrisli I grew up to this version. I can smell the dollar bills being thrown in the air now

7 – Careless Whisper
This is the one English song you will always hear from the singer who doesn’t speak English very well. In fact it’s not the same if the singer doesn’t have an accent. Who hasn’t slow danced with their parent to this song?

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