8 ways you know you was raised in a Turkish house

There are many ways you know you were raised in a Turkish house. If I listed them all I would be here forever, but here are 8 ways you know you were raised in a Turkish house.


1 – Seeing this in your Nenes hand and not on her foot would scare the life out of you:

Turkish nene slipper

2 – Your first experience with late night TV was ‘Tutti Frutti’.

Tutti Fruitti

3 – You take your shoes off before going into anyone’s house.

4 – Your clothes always smelt of garlic or fried köfte.

5 – Every Sunday you met a new cousin (or Kuzen) who would come round for dinner.

turkish family meeting for the first time

6 – If there was no hummus in the fridge, there was a problem.

7 – During Dizi night (every night) there was no talking, no phone calls and no complaining.

8 – Everything in your living room was and still is covered in plastic (usually the packaging from when it was delivered)




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Turkish Isms

I've been Turkish for as long as I can remember so wanted to share my journey of comical memes, videos, and observations I have made through my journey from a young Turkish boy getting his privates snipped, all the way to a grown man getting dayak from his nene.