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Family Furious As Son Forgets How To Spell Hummus

/ May 14, 2018

Hummus, the pasty substance that can make or break a family! In a small köy of North London, England it was a Sunday like no other. The sun was out and the kebab was being prepared for a lovely family meal to be enjoyed later that day.

New Research Proves Eniştes Think They Know Everything

/ February 11, 2018

According to a report carried out at Oxford University into ‘The Enişte Effect’, results have shown that around 9 in 10 Eniştes claim to know everything about everything and including every historic fact since the dawn of time.

Report: Turkish Mother Shocked Her Kids Aren’t Married At 30

/ January 23, 2018

It is reported a large number of Turkish women aged between 50-57 are repeatedly fainting from stress over the realisation that their sons or daughter are over 30 and STILL not married.

Large Number Of Nazar Reported To Contain Real Göz

/ June 10, 2016

They are featured in every Turkish home as a way to keep evil away but now an alarming number of reports have surfaced recently from thousands of Turkish families who believe their nazar contains real eyes. Complaints dating back to the 70s have been found with Turkish homeowners complaining their nazar keeps looking at them,Read more