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Chauffeur Launches Legal Case Against Mustafa Sandal

A Chauffeur has launched a landmark legal case against Mustafa Sandal after he was alluded to in the 1996 hit Araba without being name checked.

The chauffeur in question has chosen to remain anonymous but referred to as Mr.B, has stated that he was called out in the 90s pop track banger, but never name checked, which at the time caused health related illnesses.

Mr. B also cites that when Mr Sandal sang Bastı mı gaza, gidermi gider” this had connotations that he was a reckless driver and liked to ‘bas’ the ‘gaza’ frequently.

The claimant has stated that during his time as a chauffeur he always stayed within the speed limit, adhered to all road laws and only Bas’d the ‘Gaza’ when it was absolutely necessary.

“At the time it seemed there was more emphasis on how nice the car was, but in a world where Chauffeurs rely on user reviews, I would have liked to have seen more of a review on the overall service”.

He went on:

“In the 90s times were tough for Chauffeurs. It’s not like Uber nowadays where people request you from an app. We had to build our relationships and any kind of publicity would have helped my business grow”.

The music video to the song in question also raised concerns with Mr.B due to the fast driving of the yellow Ferrari.

“What kind of Chauffeur drives a yellow Ferrari? You can’t fit more than one passenger and in the video you have the car whizzing around the village like he’s trying to make it home before the bulgur köfte get cold”.

The case continues.

Here is the song that has come under so much scrutiny: