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Ingredients For A Turkish Soap (Dizi)

Let’s face it, as much as we complain about them we can’t live without them. No I’m not talking about Maydonoz, I’m talking about Turkish Dizis (Soaps).

Any show that can go for 4 hours excluding ad breaks makes our nenes, annes and even us turn our phones off, open a pack of fistik and settle in for a night of drama.

Growing up seeing these dizi’s I seem to notice a pattern to all of them, and am happy to say I have worked out the formula for making a Turkish Dizi.

All you need are the following elements and you will have teyzes and yenges switching over in no time.

All you need:

1 – A gun – used or unused.


2 – A poor family in the village.

3 – A rich family in a big house.

4 – An over powering musical score that almost drowns the dialogue.

5 – Forbidden love with a rich boy and poor girl (or vice versa)

6 – Someone involved in a dodgy deal that goes wrong.

7 – A Turkish singer that’s career has started to fade and is looking to get back into the limelight.

Emrah Dizi

8 – A love child who doesn’t know who their parents are.

9 – Long dramatic pauses that last around 15 minutes.

10 – And finally a kova load of reklams.


Watch out for Turkishisms the Dizi coming soon to YouTube….maybe!

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