Problems Only Turkish People Will Understand

Being Turkish throws up a whole host of problems which can haunt you fro your whole life. Let’s take a look at some of those problems only Turkish people will understand.

1 – How old does someone need to be before you have to kiss their hand?

Turkish Hand Kiss

2 – Summer holidays consist of weeks in a village, seeing family members you have never met before.

3 – Trying to justify to non-Turkish friends why your 30 and still live at home.


4 – Being pressured to get married at the age of 16.

5 – Being pressured to have kids at 20.

6 – Never being able to say ‘I’m full’ at the dinner table.

7 – Having family pressuring you to marry a distant cousin

I don't want to get married Anne
I don’t want to get married Anne

8 – Being invited to weddings where you have no idea who the bride or groom is.

9 – For girls – Having to dance the testi at a wedding when you don’t even like to dance


10 – For boys – having your mum make you watch the girls dancing the testi to see if you like any.

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Turkish Isms

I've been Turkish for as long as I can remember so wanted to share my journey of comical memes, videos, and observations I have made through my journey from a young Turkish boy getting his privates snipped, all the way to a grown man getting dayak from his nene.

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  • January 4, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    I thought it was only my life that has been like this..

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