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5 Reasons Turks Use Their Car Horn

Let’s face it us Turks are loud people. We love to talk loud, eat loud and live loud. – even a conversation can be misconstrued as an argument to someone non Turkish.

The only thing louder than A Turks voice that they have access to on a regular basis is their car horn, and they use it with pride

Here are 5 reasons Turks use their car horn. (I can tell you now, none are for its actual purpose)

1 – When They See Someone They Know
Nothing says “Nerdesin beh arkardaş?” than a couple of toots on the horn. Of course by hitting the horn you are calling the whole köy so make sure the horn is followed by shouting their name.

Turkish Car

2 – Sünnet
Nothing says ‘Look at me everyone, I’ve had my penis chopped’ more than having your family drive through town hitting their car horn constantly.


As if you aren’t embarrassed enough having to sit on a donkey in a sequin covered suit, now your family are drawing attention to you by blowing the horn for all to see.

3 – When Their Team Wins A Football Match
The standard – ‘my team has won a match so I will drive around the neighbourhood and keep pressing my horn to let everyone know how happy I am’.

Turkish man in car

Of course every single person in that area will also be up and want to hear you pressing your horn, even new-born babies.

4 – To Swear At You
A classic for any Turk is to use their horn when they want to swear at another driver. If you are ever getting beeped at by a Turkish driver, look at their lips and you will realise their lips are actually moving in sync with the horn!


Here are some scenarios where Turks may swear at you using their horn:

– Because you didn’t give them way….while YOU are on a roundabout
– Because you waited for the light to go green before moving.
– Because you have stopped to give someone way.

Nothing says ‘I have no patience and no idea how to drive’ than a Turk that over uses a car horn.

5 – A Seduction Technique
A famous method of attracting the opposite sex. Nothing says romance than a slam on the car horn, usually followed by those romantic words shouted from the car “Aigggght napan canim?”

Seduction Turkish Man

What woman doesn’t want to be romanced by a man pressing his car horn continuously to show his feelings towards a woman? Usually this is more affective when the Turkish man compliments the horn with cat noises “miaowww”….. (but Turkish Chat up lines will be covered another time).

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