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3 Reasons I Hate Going To A Balo

/ January 4, 2016

One thing I have never understood about our amazing Turkish culture is the love we seem to have for a balo. (Dinner and dance events) If it’s for a charity event with all proceeds going to charity I can understand, however when it’s done as a money making scheme (which it usually is) that justRead more

10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Turk

/ July 2, 2015

All around the world non Turkish people are marrying Turkish people and its a wonderful thing to know there are other people that can actually put up with us. Here are 10 things people should know before dating a Turk, just so you know what you are getting into. 1 – We have two settings:Read more

More Problems Turkish People Have

/ April 30, 2015

You can never have enough Turkish problems being Turkish. Here are a few more. 1 – Never knowing which box to tick on an ethnic origin form There is nothing worse than filling out those forms. Am I middle eastern, am I eastern European? Am I white? Am I mixed? Why isn’t there an ‘Other’Read more

Problems Turkish People Have

/ April 21, 2015

With a title like that, where do I begin? I could be here for days listing them all out. Of course please remember I say these things in jest – I love my Turkish people…. sometimes! Here’s some problems we as Turkish people have Not knowing when to say “I’m full”. Not being allowed toRead more

Turkish Problems – A Dilema Every Turk Faces

/ January 8, 2015

Us as Turks have many problems we face day in day out, but one Turkish Problem is so bad a charity needs to be set up to help overcome it. This Meme sums it up and showcases the horrific dilemma Turks face on a regular basis.