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The Nene Starter Pack – How To Be More ‘Nene’

How can your nene be more ‘nene’? Well here’s a checklist to ensure your Nene is living upto the Turkish stereotype she needs to be. are proud to release the Nene starter pack, for any nene that feels she’s lost her Turkish way.


Nene Starter pack

To be a fully fledged Turkish nene you need the following:

1 . Headscarf 
For day to day wear, mevlits and for when frying köfte.

2 . Terlik
Every nene needs these to quickly slip on when the misafir are leavin and nene needs to see them off from the pavement. also used as a weapon when you are in trouble. due to their sleek design they are also built for flight, for when nene wants to hit you from a distance.

3 . Süpürge
Same as the terlik, this handy device can be used to cause bodily harm, as well as keep the porch clean

4. Glasses
Bigger the better. These old nene glasses are built for durability and gives your nene super sight so she can see where you haven’t cleaned, and can see through walls so she knows when you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

5. Kolonya
Like a cowboy has a gun, a nene always has her trusty Kolonya ready to treat wounds, and freshen up when unexpected misafir turn up.

6. Zeytin yaprak
Always at hand to warn off the evil eye, no visit to nene is complete without a quick prayer as she burns olive leaves over your head.

7. Nenes Chair
Every nene has her favourite wooden chair that has been fixed more times than humanly possible to remember. It was probably handed down from her nene. you will always find pictures of your nene sitting on that very seat.

8. The rolling stick
What I will be receiving when my nene reads this

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