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Things You Should Never Say To A Turkish Dad Part 2

It seems my previous post about ‘Things You Should Never Say To A Turkish Dad‘ went down a treat, so I thought I would follow it up with part 2. What I have found is that it pretty much applied to all Dads around the world, not just Turkish Dads.

1 – Have you tried reading the instruction manual?
Let’s face it, us men in general are very stubborn when it comes to reading instruction manuals, Turkish dads especially. The amount of times I have tried to hand an instruction Manual over and heard those essential words from every Turkish dads vocabulary…. Boşver”

Nedir bu Alan Key?
Nedir bu Alan Key? 

2 – What if your son doesn’t want to take over the family business?
You entering dangerous territory with this one. God forbid your son wants to do something different and not take over the family dry cleaners. Daughters think they have it bad.
Son: “Baba- I want to be an engineer”
Baba: “Tamam Olum, Engineer ol Bizim dükkanda”
Son: “But Baba, its a Cafe”
Baba: “Sus” (usually followed by slap)

3 – Do you need that much Meze?
One of a Turkish dads favourite past time is to sit down with a table full of meze (enough to feed the village) and a bottle of either whisky or Raki. Then they will drink and drink while demolishing the meze, until they are so drunk they will begin to tell you about how rough it was for them in the village. The Meze is basically a cover up to stop them getting so drunk, although it doesn’t usually work. This is usually complemented with you having to bring up slow and depressing songs on YouTube so your dad can sing along.

4 – Just ask for directions?
A Turkish mans pride is one of the greatest commodities he can have. So when you are on your way to that cousins wedding and you’re lost, don’t make a Turkish dad ask for directions. Turkish dads know exactly where they are at all times because they came there back in the 70s. Notice the frustration as he begins to loosen his tie and roll his sleeves up. Also expect alot of huffing!

5 – Can you make me a kahve?
I’m not even sure Turkish dads even know how to make Turk Kahve. They did see it being made on TV once but all they know is it involves heat, water and not them making it!



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