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Thursday Throwback – Chevy Chase Cola Turka

How’s this for a Thursday Throwback. In the early 00s turks across the globe were given a reason to love an ad break (and god knows we have enough of them)

Cola Turka, a new type of Cola paid probably a kings ransom to have actor and comedian Chevy Chase film adverts promoting how Cola Turka makes you Turkish.

These adverts were genius and as a UK turk, it had me asking everyone I knew if they could get hold of some. I think I even got my nene to bring me a can from Kibris.

I remember the day I got a call from a friend to say that the local Turkish Food Centre had them in stock.

We rushed to buy them by the case load.

And what happened… It tasted like kedi sidik!

However they probably sold enough to pay for Chevy Chase.

Moral of the story: you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in wheat and call it a bulgur köfte.

Here’s the classic adverts: