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Report: Turkish Mother Shocked Her Kids Aren’t Married At 30

It is reported a large number of Turkish women aged between 50-57 are repeatedly fainting from stress over the realisation that their sons or daughter are over 30 and STILL not married.

What started off as an isolated incident has now manifested into an epidemic resulting in soaring phone bills from nenes and dedes calling from overseas everyday to check if their grandkids are married yet

“This is probably the worst we’ve seen. It seems younger turkish people marrying later and this is having a knock on effect on the decline of Turkish babies being born leading to stressful annes around the world “ Dr. Bekar Misin PHD.

He went on to explain:

“In the 80s and 90s it was considered normal to get engaged and married by the time you was 18. In 2018 it would raise a few eyebrows getting sözlu at 16 and the young generation are taking a stand”.

We spoke to Hanife hanim, a 62 year old mum of 2 sons who still live at home.

“I cry myself to sleep every night with worry wondering when they are going to bring home a fiancé. I don’t want to be an old Grandmother”.

We tried to speak to her husband Ali but he declined to comment as he was too busy watching Beşıktaş.

Their 2 sons Ali & Ali (yes both named Ali like their Baba) told us they assure their mother every 3 hours not to worry and that you can’t find love like you find yedigun in a supermarket.

Ali x 2 are both studying to become doctors and want to establish a surgery together before settling down. A dream that their parents want no part of as it doesn’t involve getting married and subsequently grandkids.

“People are opting away from getting sözlu and trying to find love on their own. They are opting for apps like Tinder vs Perihan abla who is the local village matchmaker” – Dr Misin added.

“If we are not careful, the tüz in the kahve trick will become a thing of the past”.

With young people refusing to get married at 18 and fighting the pressure from their parents, we really are living in uncertain times.