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Turkish people don’t understand concept of queuing

A survey published recently has illustrated a growing concern with Turkish people in that a large percentage still find it hard to understand the concept of queuing and ‘waiting their turn’.

The survey, conducted across numerous hotels in Bodrum, Turkey during summer season 2018, revealed that 99.9% of Turkish customers fail to understand ‘if there is a line – join it’.

Findings revealed that although most guests form an orderly queue and wait their turn, it’s in fact the Turkish guests that can’t comprehend that they need to form an orderly queue and wait till it’s their turn.

The issue came to light mainly around an all inclusive hotel which chose to remain anonymous.

“It’s crazy, there is clearly a sign that says ‘queue here for food’ and while most guests from around the world abide by this, it’s the Turkish guests that walk straight past the queue and fill their plates like it’s their last meal”.

They continued:

“We have enough börek to feed the Turkish army but they push in like they are worried the börek will run out”.

We spoke to head chef Mustafa Siraoluğu who decided enough was enough and wanted to tell his side.

“There I was cooking my first batch of lahmacun for everyone when a couple from Adana cut in the line and took all 27 lahmacuns that had just came out of the oven”.

Things took a chilling turn:

“When it came to cleaning up, it turned out they had left behind 24.5 lahamcuns because they were full. A total waste.”

The report also found Turkish people like to cut in front of a queue mostly during the buffet but in close second at 87% was hotel check in desks to complain that the WiFi isn’t working.

“The sign said ‘queue here’ so that’s what we did. Little did we know it was a free for all and a contest who can get the staffs attention quickest” – John and Margret from Devon, England.

These findings are alarming as this year saw a rise in the number of Turkish people going on holiday alongside a rise in hotel food waste.

It’s a growing epidemic that needs to be stopped however as parents drag their kids with them to the front of the line, is time running out to influence the future generations the importance of lining up.

In a world where consumption and access is everything have we lost all generations to the idea of having to wait your turn. If this disease spreads we could soon have an epidemic on our hands.