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5 Reasons Turks Use Their Car Horn

/ May 27, 2015

Let’s face it us Turks are loud people. We love to talk loud, eat loud and live loud. – even a conversation can be misconstrued as an argument to someone non Turkish. The only thing louder than A Turks voice that they have access to on a regular basis is their car horn, and they use itRead more

Turks Favourite Position In The Bedroom

/ May 6, 2015

Recently I’ve been doing some research to find out the favourite position of Turks in the bedroom. Due to Google crawlers, you need to scroll down a bit to find out so scroll down now to find out.. . . . . . . . 

Things You Should Never Say To A Turkish Dad Part 2

/ May 5, 2015

It seems my previous post about ‘Things You Should Never Say To A Turkish Dad‘ went down a treat, so I thought I would follow it up with part 2. What I have found is that it pretty much applied to all Dads around the world, not just Turkish Dads. 1 – Have you tried readingRead more

More Problems Turkish People Have

/ April 30, 2015

You can never have enough Turkish problems being Turkish. Here are a few more. 1 – Never knowing which box to tick on an ethnic origin form There is nothing worse than filling out those forms. Am I middle eastern, am I eastern European? Am I white? Am I mixed? Why isn’t there an ‘Other’Read more

8 ways you know you was raised in a Turkish house

/ April 19, 2015

There are many ways you know you were raised in a Turkish house. If I listed them all I would be here forever, but here are 8 ways you know you were raised in a Turkish house.   1 – Seeing this in your Nenes hand and not on her foot would scare the lifeRead more

12 Ways You Know You’re At A Turkish Wedding

/ April 16, 2015

Spring is in the air and with that begins a season of Turkish weddings you are invited to where you have no idea who the bride and groom are, but you are related to them and its rude if you don’t turn up. Firs there is the whole “they came to yours, so you haveRead more

Thursday Throwback – Chevy Chase Cola Turka

/ April 9, 2015

How’s this for a Thursday Throwback. In the early 00s turks across the globe were given a reason to love an ad break (and god knows we have enough of them) Cola Turka, a new type of Cola paid probably a kings ransom to have actor and comedian Chevy Chase film adverts promoting how ColaRead more