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The Nene Starter Pack – How To Be More ‘Nene’

/ January 22, 2016

How can your nene be more ‘nene’? Well here’s a checklist to ensure your Nene is living upto the Turkish stereotype she needs to be. are proud to release the Nene starter pack, for any nene that feels she’s lost her Turkish way.

More Problems Turkish People Have

/ April 30, 2015

You can never have enough Turkish problems being Turkish. Here are a few more. 1 – Never knowing which box to tick on an ethnic origin form There is nothing worse than filling out those forms. Am I middle eastern, am I eastern European? Am I white? Am I mixed? Why isn’t there an ‘Other’Read more

Problems Turkish People Have

/ April 21, 2015

With a title like that, where do I begin? I could be here for days listing them all out. Of course please remember I say these things in jest – I love my Turkish people…. sometimes! Here’s some problems we as Turkish people have Not knowing when to say “I’m full”. Not being allowed toRead more