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Things You Should Never say to a Turkish dad

Turkish dads are the fabric of our society. Without them we would never know what it was like growing up in the old country, how hard they work to put food on the table or how emotional they get after a night on Raki and Bulent Ersoys music.
Here’s 5 things you would never catch me saying to a Turkish dad. If you want to know why, try saying one of the below to them and watch how they will give you the look (all Turkish Dads have a look that says “It’s dayak time’.
Turkish Slaps
It’s Dayak Time!
1 – Pass me the remote

Just try asking for the remote from a Turkish dad when they are watching something. If looks could kill you would be in hell getting a dayak like you have never experienced. #Utanmaz

2 – You make the salad, I’ll light the mangal

It’s a Turkish Dad’s god given right to be in control of the mangal when it comes to cooking Kebab. Just try telling him he’s in charge of the kitchen based activities.


3 – Don’t you think you’ve drank enough?

Never tell a Turkish man they have drunk enough, especially if they are Turkish… even worse, a Turkish Dad!

drunk Man - Turkish

4 – Let your daughter go out, she’s 17!

No Comment!

5 – Has your daughter found a boyfriend yet?

Are you on a death wish?

What did you say about my daughter?
What did you say about my daughter?


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